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Ferrari 488 Spider

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1200 USD or Equivalent in BTC

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That car became one of the most recognisable both among critics and the fans, and if you rent this model, you need only a few minutes tounder stand the reason.

Relent less power now come sint the form of the Ferrari 488 Spider. Expected to launch in 2015, it hits the ground running. Whipping out 670 cv at 8,000 rpm, and a torque that achieves a 760 Nm maximum. This supercar is all about the brute force composed of 3902 cc and a V8 turbo. Ferrari is addicted to speed and you will enjoy it.

Advanced racing cabin, practical interior and automatical steering – it is the only a small part of characteristics of Ferrari 488, and with a convenient and intuitive user interface you can easy keep everything under control.

This car is ready for the modern world, but when you feel the power of being in eto 661 horsepower and use its excellent dynamics and agility, you will understand how great this racing car could be. The real advantage for any motorist is to give you with new surprise that this car will never stop.



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