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We are pleased to announce that Bestington Group – Parent Company of has partnered with BitPay – the world’s leading and largest Bitcoin payments processor, to accept and facilitate Bitcoin transactions for properties represented by Bestington Real Estate.¬†We are proud to be partnering with this trusted service provider to process bitcoin transactions for our properties.

Here is a simple guide to the sales process:

  1. In the “Properties” section – choose the property that suits you.
  2. Fill in the contact form and click submit.
  3. Our agent will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions, he/she will go through a reservation agreement with you, and will provide full support during the transaction and after. He/She will also collect and verify your documents (passport copy, your local ID card and utility bill) and send you a link to the BitPay invoice.
  4. Once you make the payment – you will receive an email confirmation from BitPay.
  5. Once the funds reach the account of Bestington Group – we will send you a receipt by email.
  6. Bestington Group will issue a manager’s cheque towards the seller of the property (i.e. Landlord, Developer and etc.)
  7. Depending on whether it is a completed property, or off plan – we will go through a transfer of the property that is relevant to specific country’s legal requirements.
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